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Instructional Materials

From practice and experience we understand that science knowledge continually changes. We know and understand that concepts build upon other concepts and rather than encourage separate and unique resources we build and design materials that are interdisciplinary in nature, uniquely integrating biological, chemical, and physical sciences, parallelling the research of the Palmer LTER program, and targeting the Next Generation Science Standards.  We have added lessons that incorporate engineering, technology and mathematics.  We feel this approach models the research of the LTER both in the field and in their labs while also aiding students in understanding the integrated relationships between various content areas.   

Many of our instructional materials encourage discussion, reflection and complex problem solving.  Our thoughts are that students will acquire the knowledge by integrating strategies gather evidence, then process the information by using multiple modalities to solve the problems.  Our collection of materials exists to support educators searching for inquiry science materials to supplement their classroom plans. These lessons are designed to fit flexibly into existing curriculums and elaborate on ecological concepts and processes.  Several of our units also suggest pre & post activities to help serve the students in their understanding and application of the content.  Feel free to use with discretion and modify as you implement.  We welcome your feedback. To serve the changing needs of both students, educators and the general public, these materials are assessed and revised on a regular basis.