Preparing for Inquiry

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Preparing for Inquiry

Antarctica Text Talk Activity - Any Grade

All students are in possesion of existing knowledge. The level of this knowledge inevitably affects the manner in which they acquire new knowledge. Before you begin exploring the Antarctic continent, start with a story. In many cases stories have concepts that are embedded within them that trigger a child's prior knowledge on the subject.









Podcast with Boston Museum of Science - Grades 5-8

Penguins, underwater robots, and strange microorganisms star in this podcast about a recent oceanographic expedition to Antarctica.  Several researchers describe some surprising discoveries and the importance of studying long-term ecological change. Students hear voices from several researchers on the Palmer LTER team answering questions posed from local high school and college students. The podcast is coordinated with four complementary video files that support the discussion topics on: the Adelie penguins and their neighbors the Chinstraps and the Gentoos, the use of autonomous underwater vehicles in tracking penguins, the role of phytoplankton and zooplankton  in marine food webs, and the importance of oceanographic research along the western Antarctic Peninsula.













Navigate your way to Antarctica! Be prepared! Students in this activity identify and analyze properties of national and world maps to ask and answer geographic questions as they journey to Palmer Station, Antarctica.



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