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LTER Network Data and Other Resources


LTER Network Data Catalog

The LTER Network Data Catalog is the interface to the centralized data repositry for all LTER sites. In addition to local data systems provided by a number of LTER sites, each site also regularly submits data to the network data system, PASTA. The above interface is the Portal component of this system, providing browse, search and download capabilities for data across all LTER sites.


Climate and Hydrology Database Projects (CLIMDB/HYDRODB)

A centralized server to provide open access to long-term meteorological and streamflow records from a collection of research sites.


LTER Landsat Catalog (coming soon)

Work is currently being done to compile and make available a collection of Landsat scenes for each LTER site. The catalog will span from 1982 through 2011, and will provide 30 years of standardized historical more. Historical remote sensing imagery is currently available here: Landsat imagery archive



"The EcoTrends Project is designed to promote and enable the use and synthesis of long-term data to examine these trends in the Earth's ecosystems". A project that presents standardized, long-term ecological datasets accross LTER sites through an interface that provides access, analysis and comparison of these data across contributing projects.