Information Management

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The Information Management component for the Palmer Station Antarctica LTER is managed at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), UCSD in La Jolla, CA with Vicky Rowley as Interim Information Manager. The PAL LTER IM component is a joint arrangement with the CCE LTER site, sharing both infrastructure and personnel.



SIO IT provides basic system administrations services for our single server machine, with a direct attached storage unit, that runs a hypervisor with multiple virtual machines. Both our physical server and storage unit reside in the SIO Co-Location Facility ( equipped with backup emergency services (power, chilling) and environment and security monitoring. Data backup services are also provided by SIO IT, including high frequency snapshots and offsite redundancy for disaster recovery.


Data Management and Data Publishing

PAL LTER IM maintains a documented worklfow for managing PAL LTER scientific research data and making them available to the public. PAL LTER uses a locally developed application (Datazoo) that provides both an administrative interface for project management of the data workflow and a public-facing catalog for published data collections as datasets. Datazoo also provides means for publishing to the LTER Network Data System. PAL LTER IM manages and makes PAL LTER research data publicly available according to the LTER Network Data Policies and documents datasets with metadata according to LTER best practices using the Ecological Metadata Lanaguaage (EML) version 2.1.1, a metadata standard developed for the earth, environmental and ecological sciences.