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Sharon Stammerjohn of Palmer LTER discusses with Steve Inskeep and others on NPR the apparent conflict in the general public message of climate change and current sea ice measurements.
NASA science writer, Laura Naranjo, covers research from a 2009 publication, co-authored by Palmer scientists, about shorter ice seasons and waning phytoplankton blooms.
The U.S. Antarctic Blue Ribbon Panel conducts a review of the current U.S. Antarctic Program, assessing its 20-year trajectory.
As the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network enters its fourth decade, ecological scientists are taking stock of the contributions and future directions of the nation’s largest and longest...
Read an article submitted by a 4th-grade student who shares her experience learning about Palmer Station Antarctica and connecting with researchers in the classroom.
A recent New York Times article covers the current state and possible future of antarctic krill harvesting, talking with Palmer researchers
Jennifer Bogo of Popular Mechanics Magazine writes about her visit to Palmer Station and describes a bit of what it's like to live and work there
View live images from the new Palmer Station webcam!
Yale Environment 360 publishes "A World Centered on Sea Ice Is Changing Swiftly at the Poles", a story on sea ice ecology
The Scarlet Knight, an 8-foot autonomous underwater glider, was unveiled Dec. 9 as the newest temporary exhibit in the National Museum of Natural History’s Sant Ocean Hall.