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Live VTCs with scientists of Palmer LTER.

Polar-ICE is linking up with the Palmer LTER program to coordinate education and outreach opportunities in the Winter of 2015-16. We are hosting a variety of live Video Tele-Conferences (VTCs) with the science teams of Palmer LTER.

Read about Jeff Bowman's research in marine microbial ecology and his experience down at Palmer station for the 2015/2016 season

Read about Jamie Collin's research in biogeochemistry and her experience at Palmer Station for the 2015/2016 station season

See an incredible video (by Jeff Bowman) of Orcas hunting a seal on December 8, 2015 at Palmer Station.

Palmer graduate student recieves PhD for work on Southern Ocean food webs and penguin demography with respect to mechanisms of population response to environment change

Antarctic Edge: 70° South, available on iTunes, June 30th

PAL-LTER film “Antarctic Edge - 70 South” produced by Rutgers University Center for Digital Filmmaking Director Dena Seidel is premiering in NYC

Scientist discuss changes in satellite detection systems and possible data mistakes.

Article addressing ongoing debate of why Antarctic sea ice continues to increase when Arctic sea ice is decreasing

New Palmer publication about the effects on food webs from climate variability