Sampling Grid

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Sampling Grid

The Palmer LTER established from the program onset both a regional grid (900km x 200km West of the Antarctic peninsula) as well as a Palmer basin grid (within 2 mile limit of station) as organizing elements of the annual sampling strategy. Grid locations West of the Antarctic Peninsula may be calculated from latitude-longitude coordinates in order to establish a location within the LTER regional grid reference frame.






A summary of the sampling strategy is available in the publication by K.J. Waters and R. C. Smith (Palmer LTER: A sampling grid for the Palmer LTER program, Antarctic Journal of the United States, 27(5), 236-239, 1992). Download the publication (pdf)


Grid Converter

Individual point as well as batch grid conversions are available on Datazoo, through the Grid Converter interface.  Download MATLAB scripts for grid calculations (tar).